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Let us treat you with quality service and relaxation at its finest.
Open weekdays from 10:00-19:00
Saturdays 10:00-19:00
Sundays Closed

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30 min 60 min 80 min
Relaxing massage 6.500 kr 10.900 kr 13.900 kr
Classic massage 6.500 kr 10.900 kr 13.900 kr
Hot stone massage 11.500 kr 14.900 kr
Deep tissue massage 7.000 kr 11.500 kr 14.500 kr
4 hands massage 11.500 kr 19.500 kr 24.900 kr
Pregnancy massage 9.900 kr


Pedicure without nailpolish 8.900 kr
Pedicure with nailpolish 9.900 kr
Pedicure with gelpolish 11.900 kr
Luxury pedicure with corn scrub, mask, massage and nailpolish 13.900 kr
Add gelpolish to Luxury pedicure 2.000 kr
Foot massage in a cosmetic chair 15 min. / 3.500 kr
Foot massage in a cosmetic chair 30 min. / 6.500 kr
Footmask or paraffin wax on feet 15 min. / 2.500 kr.


Eyebrow tint with plucking/waxing 5.200 kr
Eyebrow and eyelash tint with plucking/waxing 6.300 kr
Eyebrow and eyelash tint without plucking/waxing 4.900 kr
Eyebrow or eyelash tint without plucking/waxing 3.500 kr
Waxing / plucking eyebrows 3.500 kr
Permanent eyelash curling 7.500 kr
Permanent eyelash curling and tinting 10.400 kr
Eyelash extensions 10.900 kr


Wax upper leg / lower leg 6.200 kr
Wax half leg and bikini line 9.200 kr
Wax half leg and brazilian 11.200 kr
Wax full leg 11.900 kr
Wax full leg and brazilian 16.000 kr
Wax bikini line 4.800 kr
Brazilian wax - women 7.900 kr
Brazilian wax - men 8.500 kr
Waxing back or chest 8.500 kr
Wax half face 4.900 kr
Wax half face and neck 5.900 kr
Wax upper lip or chin 2.600 kr
Wax under arms 2.900 kr


Manicure without nailpolish 7.900 kr
Manicure with nailpolish 8.900 kr
Manicure with gelpolish 10.900 kr
Luxury manicure with cornscrub, massage and nailpolish 11.900 kr
Add gelpolish to Luxury manicure 2.000 kr
Express manicure with nailpolish 5.900 kr
Soak off gelpolish 2.000 kr


Acrylic nails full set 9.900 kr
Marble / hombre acrylic nails full set 11.900 kr
Acrylic nails retouch 8.900 kr
Gelpolish on acrylic nails 1.000 kr
Acrylic nails soak off 4.000 kr


Deep cleansing facial 8.900 kr
Deep cleansing facial 16 years and younger 6.900 kr
Facial with face and shoulder massage 10.900 kr
Facial with eyebrow and eyelash tinting 15.500 kr
Facial with extractions 12.900 kr
Luxury facial 15.900 kr
Luxury facial with eyelash and eyebrow tinting 20.900 kr
Natural facial 10.900 kr

Pampering packages

Deep cleansing facial and manicure with gel polish 18.900 kr
Mani and pedi with gel polish 16.900 kr
50 min deep tissue massage and pedicure 18.500 kr
Facial and luxury pedicure 22.500 kr
Luxury facial, luxury manicure and luxury pedicure 35.500 kr

Professional services and experienced staff

At 101 Spa we strive for excellence, with variety of services carried out by professional staffg in our warm and cozy clinique in the heart of Reykjavík.

Our employees have different backgrounds and professional experience, allowing us to provide wide variety of spa services
We have long opening hours, and you are welkome to drop in for a look

We are located downtown Reykjvík right in the heart of the city, we take good pride in our new and well designed spa, where we want the customer to feel welcome.



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